10 Things All Businesses Should Do To Market More Effectively On Facebook

1. Create a Facebook Page

Your Facebook Page should be the “hub” of your Facebook marketing presence. With a Facebook Page, Facebook users can become a “fan” of your company or product; when that happens, your name and logo will appear on their profile page and your name will appear in their profile feed. In turn, more users will be able to discover your Facebook Page through their friends’ profiles and Facebook searches, and your Page can grow “virally” without you even having to do much work. Finally, Pages rank very highly in Google search results, boosting your SEO rankings.

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If it’s good enough for Sir Alan…

I attended a pre-Christmas function at which the BBC Apprentice star Sir Alan Sugar was guest of honour.  Sir Alan was interviewed after lunch and amongst the questions put to him included a reference to what he felt were his greatest strengths; “I’m a sales-man, simple as that.  It took me until my mid twenties to realise what I was good at.  If I’d discovered this in my teenage years I’d have made myself a lot more money very quickly and saved myself a lot of hassle.  If you can’t sell your product you are at nothing.  Too many business plans fail to cover that basic essential.  Sales are the oxygen of the business and must consume the energies and focus of the business.  Simple as that!”

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How to Write a Really Great Sales Letter

When I was at school my teacher used to warn me against the dangers of putting a PS at the end of a letter.

'A PS', he would say, 'is the sign of an untidy mind. It's sure proof that you haven't structured your letter in advance'.

'Never start a sentence with the word 'And' ... and never sound too familiar in a business letter... never, never write a business letter which is longer that a single succinct page, because people simply won't read it.'

All excellent advice but, then, my teacher never really had to sell anything.

Some of the best sales letters ever written were written by copywriters who paid little or no attention to rules like these. Here's a simple formula that you might like to use next time you have an important sales letter to write.

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Free Online Marketing Documentation

Damien Mulley, blogger extraordinaire of Mulley Communications, a Cork based company which specialises in helping businesses and individuals communicate better, particularly through online means, has recently made available for free the documentation which he regularly uses on some of his courses.

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5 Tips for Writing a Press Release

THE HEADLINE: Get to the point of the message you’re trying to get across with a catchy headline. It must grab the reader from the start and make them want to read further. Don’t worry about not being able to fit in as much information as possible in the headline. You can use the sub heading to flesh out your point.

If you’re having trouble writing the headline, ask yourself what the angle of the story would be if you were the reporter. Why is it important to the audience that the product/service is directed at?

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