Dragons' Den star and author Peter Casey has launched an Irish-based online interviewing company which he claims will lead change in the future of the recruiting sector. Online Interview is an online hiring system that allows companies a flexible solution to create and record live or automated video interviews using immediate candidate responses to important questions.

While Online Interview ( www.onlineinterview.ie ) will operate worldwide, the company will be based in Buncrana, Donegal, with offices in Dublin, and hopes to be employing ten people by the end of the year. Pre-sales support operations are currently based in Chicago and will be handled in Donegal in the next few months.

Mr Casey, who made his fortune in executive recruiting, predicts a year one turnover of €1m for Online Interview, rising to €3m at the end of year two.

"Online Interviews will be the most disruptive tool in recruiting and training since the introduction of the internet," said Mr Casey, who has partnered with Managing Director Elton Hysa in the new company which was launched with a live webinar from Chicago in Dublin this week.

"This technology is going to completely change the way that recruiting and training is going forward," said Mr Casey.

"It is built with the reality of recruiting in mind and it allows the client to better sell their company to the candidate and vice versa. Interviews can be two-way or one-way – or we can have a number of different hiring managers online at the one time. It is also user friendly for the applicant, allowing them to re-record answers to a specific question a number of times until they are happy. Candidates don't necessarily need to take off work to record and submit their answers. They can do it from the comfort of their home and therefore eliminate any travel time.

I describe this system as being like Skype with steroids. Its beauty is that you can pre-programme questions and answers, follow up with up to ten hiring manager and allow them to give feedback to candidates. The system is compatible with all existing Applicant Tracking Systems and is also invaluable as a sales and training tool for companies currently using it in Australia and Tokyo. It is completely customisable and companies are already finding advantages in uploading training and promotional material for potential candidates and existing staff.

We developed this technology 12 years ago using Cold Fusion and Sql, but the issue was that the files were massive and people had to go out of their way to do it. Cloud-based technology has now caught up and the stage is set for us to integrate with some of the world's best recruiters. It is a more customised, flexible, unlimited and affordable patented product than anything else that is out there. We have a lot of clients that are currently using it, which has been a huge plus to our development from the start."

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