sellogoSelr8r is a mentor driven accelerator program to help take market disrupting products, and drop them like a bomb, into the global marketplace, in a lightning fast, agile, and explosive way, in under 50 days. Selr8r provides cash, tech back up (broadband/phone/fax), sales & (social) media training, telesales (<2000 outbound calls), marketing/design services on tap, peer networking, world class mentors, and shared workspace at a Vodafone Gold Partner sales location in Ireland. Applications are now being accepted until 7th April 2013 for the next program due to begin on the 20th May 2013.

  Where is it happening ?

The 2nd Selr8r 50 day program is based in Cork, where the teams will hang out in a spacious, purpose built environment, where they can sell like crazy all day long, and share epic tales of success and disaster with other equally dynamic and committed entrepreneurs. If you want to sell overseas in strange faraway lands, we'll leave the lights on at night.

When is it happening ?

Applications close early April, final selection will be made by April 30th, and Selr8r 2  kicks off May 20th.

Who's it for ?

Selr8r works especially well for Irish and international based companies, with both national and international ambitions. Most products and services are eligible. The 50 days are a high intensity period intended to deliver a dramatic ramping up of sales.     

How does it work ?

Obviously teams will show up with great plans and a pretty decent track record, but from Day 1, be prepared to review everything, and most importantly TRY everything. Rapid iteration to find the most effective strategies is the name of the game.

Participants will benefit immediately from the peer to peer environment, and input from mentors across finance, design, marketing, CRM, and sales tecniques of all shapes and sizes. The mind games, the money games, the people games, the competitive games, we'll be playing them all.

Our team of mentors and our not inconsiderable network will be available to you throughout, so whether you need help with marketing, web design, script writing, or just making those calls, we'll get it for you.

You will hear from people who've invented and sold the most unlikely and amazing new products and services, and built sales organisations generating millions of euro, pounds & dollars. These people will sit with you, puzzle things out, and advise you throughout.

We'll provide each company with up to 2,000 outbound calls as part of the package, but the best bit of it all is that you'll "learn by doing" just how to shift the revenue curve of your company in an inspiring upwards direction.

And at the end ?

Selr8r finishes with a "prize giving" worthy of the efforts made by all, so if participants find themselves looking for further investment, we'll invite some investors. If companies want to continue their upgraded selling activities, we'll invite other resource providers. Nobody goes home less well off than when they arrived ! 

For more information and details on how to apply visit .



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