Cantillon2013Hosted by the Institute of Technology Tralee, in association with North and East Kerry Development,  Cantillon 2013 is a Forum being held on the 11th and 12th of April 2013 which challenges the status quo, pushes experts to think differently and allows its audience to really participate in debate on issues that affect our economy and the development of entrepreneurship in Ireland. As Ireland faces a slow economic recovery, Cantillon 2013 offers one of the few public arenas for discussion and debate.

Topics for debate have been chosen to reflect issues that are topical and relevant to the strategic development of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial development in this country as well as the strategic development and transformation of our current economic model.





A Free event for entrepreneurs, and for small and large businesses. This chosen topic ‘Risk Stressing A New Business Model’ is relevant to sole traders and limited companies no matter what their scale. Registration is necessary but no ticket fee applies. The team at Cantillon 2013 have chosen to work on a key aspect of business strategy…business model development as a key topic.





Fresh Thinking Talks implies just that. An exploration of key issues that affect the development of the Irish economy, its current status and workings and how the thread of entrepreneurship and the growth of jobs is so intrinsically tied up in economy that we cannot separate the two. In fact they are excellent bed-partners and we explore both across the two days of Cantillon 2013. We reflect and advance debate on our banking system, on the boom and the crash.

To read the programme and register for either events click here .

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