Amazing what a little googling brings up every now and again!  For anyone interested in preparing a business plan we’ve come across an American website for a company called Atlas Business Solutions who claim to be a leading developer of of easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, and affordable business software. It looks like they specialise in Employee Scheduling, Human Resource and Appointments Scheduling software.

However, they are also offering a free version of their business plan software called Ultimate Business Plan Starter. We are sure that there is also probably a premium version which will cost a few dollars but in the meantime you can download the free version by clicking here.

 According to the details on the site, Ultimate Business Plan Starter walks you through every section of writing a business plan from start to finish. The software guides you through each section with easy-to-follow instructions and examples, plus includes 25 complete sample business plans you can review.

Should anyone decide to try out this software, perhaps you wouldn’t mind leaving a comment on how you found it to assist any future readers. Thanks!

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