Pat HoughWorld Class Solutions (WCS) have launched a new website to advise small business owners on selecting and using the right software. It’s called and it will review and advise on all the major software packages.

Many small business owners struggle when they come to selecting software for their business. They often choose packages that are inappropriate for the work they have to do. Now World Class Solutions (WCS) have launched a website to help them.

CEO Pat Hough explains the reason behind the site: “We want to help business owners get the right software for their small business. Sometimes that means going with a flagship product like Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop. However, there are often alternatives packages available that are more appropriate and more cost effective.”

Many small business owners use cheap or free software to save money but Pat Hough says that this is not always a good idea. “There is a learning curve and a work-cycle-time associated with every piece of software. If a company selects the wrong software then time will be wasted and productivity will be hit. Trouble is – that lack of productivity is usually invisible to the owners.”

Some small companies spend more than they should on software. Pat Hough explains: “Many companies are set up by people who previously worked for multinationals. In their previous company the IT department did all the technical work so they’re only familiar with enterprise-level software. They often spend too much money on packages that are totally inappropriate for their small business. To make matter worse there can be compatibility issues. One software package may not integrate properly with others and the work-around can cost thousands in lost productivity.”

Over the coming months Pat Hough and his team will be writing articles that will address all the important business areas including CRM software, accounting packages and payroll software. The new website is now on-line at .


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