WCS Launch Website to Advise on Software for Small Business

Pat HoughWorld Class Solutions (WCS) have launched a new website to advise small business owners on selecting and using the right software. It’s called software-for-small-business.com and it will review and advise on all the major software packages.

Many small business owners struggle when they come to selecting software for their business. They often choose packages that are inappropriate for the work they have to do. Now World Class Solutions (WCS) have launched a website to help them.

CEO Pat Hough explains the reason behind the site: “We want to help business owners get the right software for their small business. Sometimes that means going with a flagship product like Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop. However, there are often alternatives packages available that are more appropriate and more cost effective.”

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Free Web Based Office Applications

Starting a business can be an expensive proposition and is a time when costs need to be controlled very tightly until you start generating that all important cash-flow. One way to save costs initially is to avoid spending hundreds of euro on common office software and instead explore the free alternatives that exist out there.

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Free Business Plan Software

Amazing what a little googling brings up every now and again!  For anyone interested in preparing a business plan we’ve come across an American website for a company called Atlas Business Solutions who claim to be a leading developer of of easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, and affordable business software. It looks like they specialise in Employee Scheduling, Human Resource and Appointments Scheduling software.

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