Clonmel ChamberWe all like to see our kids doing art and drama at school. We might visit a museum on foreign travels to see Van Gogh paintings, Picasso sculptures or a fresco by de Vinci. But can the arts help a business in Ireland to survive the current economic climate?  Can engagement between the arts and the worlds of manufacturing or commerce enrich and enliven a business helping it to thrive?

One of the most surprising outcomes of the meeting of the captains of industry, political leaders and some of our globally renowned artists in Farmleigh House in Autumn 2009 was that the arts are vital to the recovery of Ireland. In a world where the knowledge economy is ever more important and creativity is a key ingredient, what better way to nurture this in our youth and in ourselves than exposure to and participation in the arts.

Stuart McLaughlin, CEO of Business to Arts, a Dublin-based company that acts as a bridge between the business community and the arts community has been one of the most effective champions initiating and supporting fruitful engagements and creative partnerships between business and the arts in recent years. With over ten years experience in consulting with multinationals in Ireland and the UK, and many years volunteering in the arts before moving to Business to Arts, McLaughlin has a wealth of first-hand knowledge of both sectors and a unique understanding of how business can benefit from the vibrancy and creativity which is integral to the artists practice.

Clonmel Chamber and Clonmel Junction Festival are delighted to welcome McLaughlin to town for a breakfast meeting in Hotel Minella on 16th February at which he will share with us his vision for the role the arts play in both our national development and international profile and how positive and impactful engagement across the sectors can enhance that. He will also talk about the role of companies in communities of all sizes looking at relevant examples of best practice, given the virtual circle of healthy communities making for healthy companies, and vice versa!


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